Gear that stays on




Wir sind ein Rudel


R247 is a gear Brand designed by LeatherBigWolf. Our mission is to design top quality gear intended not only for the play times, but for a 24/7 lifestyle

Our Motto is #gearstayson

  1.  Being part of the HausMeinGott Project, RUDEL (R247)’s main focus will always be the collaboration with other fetishmen.
  2.  All the Gear is designed by LeatherBigWolf in junction with an endorsed partner. We work together with whip makers, BDSM Masters and slaves, leather and rubber crafters and other fetishmen.
  3.  Our fetish for materials and clothing items comes from an ancient tradition of manhood and mastership in the jobs that have forged men since ancient times.
  4.  Our Designs are inspired from the traditional hunting, work, motorcycle, and urban culture gear. Our Gear is designed to fit a 24/7 lifestyle and to be wore everyday, in most cases.
  5.  We will always list and sponsor our partners and work for a two ways beneficial business of reciprocal endorsement.
  6.  All the Haus Brothers (Haus Mein Gott Website Membership Levels) will have the right to discounts and priority development and customer care on the Rudel (R247) Gear.
  7.  We will only use Leather, Rubber, Metal and Cotton in our creations. No neoprene shit and so on.

Rubber +

I design my own Gear and I am happy to design yours too. Thanks to a happy and special partnership with WetHotRubber who develops my designs, the best gummi quality and craftsmanship is at my disposal… and at yours.

Cotton +

We all need T-shirts to get along with Our Gear. Here at R247 we prefer fighting homologation, and we produce High Quality Tshirts that fit great, feel great, and feature only original Artworks designed by LeatherBigWolf.

Art +

We believe in the Power of Spirituality in BDSM and we believe a Session is not just made by Gear and Sex. We believe in the power of Worship and to the sacrality of what we call “Men+Sex+Cult”. We craft Talismans, Mascots, Sculptures and more.

Thanks for visiting our Landing Page

We are working hard on producing the finest Rubber Designs at the moment. The website will be soon updated with portfolio pages in which you can see the gear I’m designing for myself. Looking forward to design Your gear too.

The whole idea is to oppose to the “all-looking-the-same” phenomenon, and design custom gear only. What you’ll see in the portfolio will be what I’ve done for myself. Your designs will be customized and different to reflect your personality, and your own lifestyle.


We are looking forward to be able to provide Leather designs soon too.