Alpha Breeches


Main features:

  • Unique internal lining in thin 0.3 rubber
  • Ankle zips and optional rear zip
  • Unique fastening front opening for easy wear and removal
  • Custom attach points on the hip
  • High hips and low waist
  • Custom cockring and changeable codpieces
  • Deep pockets
  • Reinforced knees areas

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The most comfortable

Rubber Breeches

You’ve ever owned

Discover all of the features

Internal Lining

Our Premium Rubber Breeches feature an outside layer of 0.9 mm, plus an inside 0.3 mm thing lining to the knee with knee covers to ensure exquisite comfort, like in traditional lined clothing.

Custom attach points

We will add your desired attach point to hold whips, batons, extra pouches, or simple snaps for custom accessories. Here you can see three locking posts using padlocks to secure rubber hoods.

High Hips, low waist

The Unique design of our Alpha Breeches follows the Rider Chaps designs. The High Hips will grab on the softer part of your body, while lowering on the front of your belly, allowing comfortable wear with no constriction, and a more aggressive look.

Rear Zip + Customization

From a generous zip on the ass crack that goes all the way down to the crotch area to other customizations (like custom logos or lettering) we cover it all. Just talk about it with Lupus during the crafting of your order.

Total comfort and dressing ease

The buckle is present only in the front area as reinforcement for heavier guts, so your snaps will never fail on you.

The cockring is fitted to your own measured size, and there are interchangeable pouches.

Removing the pouch and the buckle makes it very easy to remove the Breeches without stress.

When I have designed the Alpha Breeches, I’ve designed them for myself, like all the gear you can buy on R247. I like to spend hours and hours in my rubber and to be able to be comfortable in every position. Wether I’m playing, eating, resting, making BBQ. I wanted Rubber wear that was designed with the same attention that is given to fabric garment. The internal lining is something unique that at the moment only we do, and guarantees an unmatchable feeling of quality and comfort while wearing. The cockring ensures that your cock and balls don’t fall out of the codpiece when you’re sitting or squatting. It’s extremely fast and easy to remove or to put on, thanks to the custom designed snap fastening and ankle zips.

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Weight 2 kg

Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow