Renegade Biker Mask


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Lots of Metal

Adjustable snaps

Internal lining

Adjustable Size

With keeping comfort in mind, I have decided to avoid buckles and straps made to measure; these snaps are sturdy and adjustable

More Metal than Rubber

The title says it all; this mask is heavy. You’ll love the sensation of weight on your face, and the nasty dangerous feel it gives.

No Rusting. Never.

Breathing and drooling on the inside of the mask will make the studs rust. That’s why we added an extra layer of rubber protecting the metalwork from moist.


The mask is hand crafted by our talented partner WetHotRubber and is designed on the measures of the head and face of our client.

Beautifully crafted and customizable

We are happy to make the design of your own one custom; the core idea of this project has always been to fight and avoid homologation in Fetish gear, so feel free to request a unique version.

The concept for a piece of gear in between a Biker Mask and a Muzzle has always been in my mind. Other gear maker are also producing these and I own several, but I was never quite happy with the leather ones as they tend to crush the nose or feel uncomfortable in the back of the head after a while.

I thought to make one in rubber, and the feeling is incredibly much better.

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