Main Characteristics

  • Made to Measure
  • Exquisite Comfort
  • Reinforced Cup for pleasant shape and support
  • Solid, tough Design
  • Physically Heavy
  • Snaps available in Silver or Dark Grey
  • Internal lining made of a thin rubber extra layer
  • Off-Pattern bottom snap to enhance support and exposure of bulge
  • Custom designed for the Alpha Breeches

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Quality Metalwork.

Reinforced Cup.

Internal Lining.

44 Studs

With 44 total x millimeters spikes carefully positioned and embedded between the multi layered structure, feel the pleasure of a Heavy Metal Crotch.

Enhanced Cup

Designed to follow the anatomy of the body, with an enhancement for additional scrotum space. Suitable for Saline play.

Internal Lining

Thin internal rubber lining to avoid rusting of metal parts and keeping your manhood comfortable

Added Value

I personally use this as a CBT tool too. Check out the end of this page!

Designed in our Amsterdam studio

Fashion insiders know a cool cover-up is always necessary

The Renegade Premium Pouch has been designed with Long Term Wear comfort as a primary goal.

The Cupping will be developed made to measure to hold your cock and balls comfortable and exposed proudly. Also, it enhances the male natural shape. With all of this metalwork, counting 44 metal spikes, it has an internal lining to avoid metal’s rusting with frequent washes and fluids; the internal lining is made of a very thin 0.3 rubber layer, giving an incredibile feeling of comfort.

Much More than a Codpiece.

Much more than a CodPiece.

See it in Action

as a CBT tool

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm